Selecting the Ideal Web Hosting Plan for Your Website

Selecting the right web hosting plan is one of the most important parts of building your website. With so many hosting providers, finding the ideal plan can be difficult, time-consuming, and overwhelming.

Your choice of web hosting plan is important as it will determine the performance and security of your website,  but also your business brand, reputation and return of investment.

Before purchasing your new web hosting plan, here’s our checklist for what you need to consider.


Your website needs to be up and running, and downtime means your business is losing potential visitors, conversions, and sales. The uptime average should be 99.9%-100%.


Load Time is the time it takes for a web page to load. The slower it is, the more frustrated for your visitor. Ideally less than 3 seconds should be the load time.


It’s always best to have 24/7 support as getting helpful and prompt customer support means any problems are dealt with quickly and easily. For time saving, definitely a ticket-based option, but chat or phone is good for those urgent requests.  The response time and knowledge are important, along with a customer service focus and approach.


Cheapest isn’t always best, but finding the most affordable plan that meets your requirements should be considered. Saving money doesn’t always save time, remember you get what you pay for. Flexibility with your plan is always good as your business grows, and always check the renewal price and contract time.


Losing your website data and content is always a low risk, but a regular backup schedule will ensure  if something unfortunate occurs you are able to restore your website. Ideally backups will be automated or at least easy for you to do yourself


At minimum security features like security monitoring and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection, as well as secure data centers should be considered as minimum requirements.

SSL Certificate

A SSL certificate creates an encrypted connection and establishes trust. It adds that padlock icon before your URL, helps secure your website transactions by encrypting any information going through it, and puts the “S” in HTTPS.  This is important especially for e-commerce sites. Most hosting providers will offer a free SSL certificate.

WordPress Web Hosting

Managed WordPress hosting offers a streamlined package for WordPress websites, usually utilising cPanel’s WordPress toolkit. From one-click installations of WordPress to staging and cloning your website, plus dedicated WordPress expertise and support, ensuring your WordPress website is optimised. With Smart Updates enabled, the WordPress Toolkit automatically tests and installs all newly available updates for your website.


Unlimited bandwidth should be your first choice, but the higher the bandwidth the better. Bandwidth is all about how quickly visitors can access your site’s information — the higher the bandwidth, the higher number of people who can view your site at the same time.


The more storage the better, but also by being able to increase your storage over time will help you manage costs when you first launch your website.

Other Considerations

  • Choose a hosting provider with flexible options, as your business  and website grow, you want the capacity to scale, adapt and change your requirements easily.
  • Registering your domain and hosting your emails with your hosting provider will simplify the management of your digital assets. The advantage of hosting with your website developer means that you have a one stop shop for all your websites needs.
  • If you are transferring a website, consider site migration services. The offer of expert technical expertise  to make the transition from one host to another as quick and efficient as possible, will ensure a smooth transition.

There are many hosting providers to choose from for WordPress websites so taking the time to understand your requirements will help you make a decision that is right for you, your business and your website!

We’ve partnered with Melbourne-based, 100% Australian-owned and operated, Synergy Wholesale to offer web hosting for our clients. Learn more about our hosting plans, or if you would like to chat about website hosting, please do book a 15-minute call.   

Best of luck with your search and selection.

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